Dorothy Tse 謝曉虹

Dorothy Tse 謝曉虹



A recipient of the Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature and Taiwan’s Unitas New Fiction Writers’ Award, Dorothy Tse’ s works in Chinese include the short story collection, So Black《好黑》and her debut novel, Owlish and the Music-Box Ballerina《鷹頭貓與音樂箱女孩》. Her collection, Snow and Shadow, translated by Nicky Harman into English, was long-listed for The University of Rochester’s 2015 Best Translated Book Award. Tse is a co-founder of the Hong Kong literary magazine Fleurs de lettres. She currently teaches literature and writing at Hong Kong Baptist University.

曾榮獲香港中文文學雙年獎及台灣聯合文學小說新人獎,謝曉虹所著的中文作品包括短篇小说集《好黑》以及出道作《鷹頭貓與音樂箱女孩》。她的作品集《雪與影》由 Nicky Harman 翻譯成英文,並長期入圍2015年羅徹斯特大學最佳翻譯書籍獎。謝曉虹是香港文學雜誌《字花》的創辦人之一。她目前在香港浸會大學教授文學和寫作。

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