David Vann

David Vann



Published in 23 languages, David Vann’s internationally-bestselling books have won 14 prizes, including best foreign novel in France and Spain, and appeared on 83 Best Books of the Year lists in a dozen countries.  He has been featured in 94 international literary festivals and had book tours in 32 countries.  He has written for numerous magazines and newspapers.  A former Guggenheim fellow, National Endowment for the Arts fellow, and Wallace Stegner fellow, he holds degrees from Stanford and Cornell and is currently a Professor at the University of Warwick in England and Honorary Professor at the University of Franche-Comté in France.

畢業於史丹福大竹和康奈爾大學,David Vann曾經在古根漢、國家藝術贊助基金會、華勒斯.史達格納學院擔任研究員,目前是華威大學的教授以及勃艮第-弗朗什大學的榮譽教授,作品廣見於多份報章雜誌。他最享譽國際的作品以二十三種語言出版,並贏得十四個獎項,包括最佳外語小說獎在法國和西班牙,更名列十二個國家共八十三份年度暢銷書目之上。他曾出席九十四個國際文學節,又於三十二個國家舉行巡迴書旅。

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