David Chaffetz

David Chaffetz



David Chaffetz read Persian, Turkish and Arabic at Harvard University, studying with Wheeler Thackston, Anne-Marie Schimmel and Stuart Cary Welch. He worked for the Encyclopedia Iranica under Ehsan Yarshater. He is the author of A Journey through Afghanistan. A member of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, he has travelled extensively in Central Asia. India and China.

David Chaffetz曾於哈佛大學修讀波斯文、土耳其文和阿拉伯文,師從Wheeler Thackston,Anne-Marie Schimmel與Stuard Cary Welch。他隨Ehan Yarshater參與過伊朗百科全書的編修工作,並且是《 A Journey through Afghanistan》的作者。作爲英國Royal Society for Asian Affairs一員,他的足跡遍蓋中亞、印度以及中國。

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