Cameron Dueck

Cameron Dueck



Cameron Dueck uses adventure travel to tell stories about fringe societies. He sailed his yacht through Canada’s Arctic to research his first book and film, The New Northwest Passage, and drove a motorcycle from Canada to Argentina to research this book about Mennonite culture in the Americas. He was previously a journalist at Reuters, South China Morning Post, and the Financial Times. Cameron lives in Hong Kong.

Cameron Dueck擅長透過冒險旅遊去撰寫邊緣社會的故事:為了為電影 “The New Northwest Passage” 搜隻資料,他曾駕着遊艇越過加拿大的北極區域;又為了準備新書的內容,毅然從加拿大騎電單車到阿根廷去研究美洲的門諾教派。現居香港的他曾在路透社、南華早報和金融時報擔任記者。

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