Bee Rowlatt

Bee Rowlatt

Writer, journalist


Bee is a writer and journalist. Her award-winning travelogue In Search of Mary was a ‘biography of the year’. She co-wrote the best-seller Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad, which was dramatised by the BBC, and is one of Virago’s Fifty Shades of Feminism. Her play about Mary Wollstonecraft debuted in London’s West End. Bee judged the Poetry Society Young Poets’ award and the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year award. She mostly lives at the British Library, and is now writing a novel about a girl who can’t stop stealing.

Bee 是一位作者和記者, 她憑旅遊記錄 In Search of Mary 獲得年度傳記的獎項。她亦合著被BBC翻拍成電視劇的暢銷書《Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad》,更是 Virago’s Fifty Shades of Feminism 的成員之一。她為了紀念 Mary Wollstonecraft 的舞台劇於倫敦西區劇院首演,並為 Poetry Society Young Poets’ award 和 斯坦福・杜曼年度旅行書獎擔任評委。她經常在大英圖書館進行現場活動,現時正在疇備一本新的小說。

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