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Andrew Scott



Andrew J. Scott is Professor of Economics at London Business School and a consulting scholar at Stanford University’s Center on Longevity. Through multi-award-winning research, writing and teaching, his pioneering work and ideas inform a global understanding of the profound shifts reshaping our world and impacting us all, and envision the actions needed for us to flourish individually and as a society. Board member and advisor to a range of corporates and governments, he is co-founder of The Longevity Forum, an organisation aimed at achieving healthier longer lives, and member of the Cabinet Office Honours Committee (Science and Technology).

Andrew J. Scott 是倫敦商學院的經濟學教授,也是斯坦福大學 Centre on Longevity 的顧問。 通過屢獲殊榮的研究,寫作和教學,他的開拓性工作和思想使全球更了解影響世界的變化,並設想了我們個人和作為一個社會蓬勃發展所需採取的行動。 他是各種企業和政府的董事會成員和顧問,也共同創辦了旨在延長壽命的 The Longevity Forum,並且是內閣辦公室榮譽委員會(科學和技術)的成員。

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