Adam Hart

Adam Hart

Biologist, broadcaster, author


Adam Hart is a biologist, broadcaster and author, and Professor of Science Communication at the University of Gloucestershire. Adam works in a variety of research areas including insects, African conservation and citizen science. He is a regular presenter for BBC Radio 4 and the World Service and has presented and featured in a number of BBC and other TV broadcasts. His latest book, Unfit for Purpose, explores how the modern world we have created clashes with our evolutionary heritage.

Adam Hart 是一位生物學家,廣播員與作家,以及英國格魯斯特大學科學科技傳播學的教授。Adam的研究範圍含括了昆蟲,非洲保護與公眾科學。 他是BBC Radio 4與World Service的常駐主持人,並亦於BBC及其他電視廣播中作為主持或嘉賓登場。他的新作《Unfit for Purpose》探索了我們一手創造的現代世界如何與我們的進化遺產產生各種衝突。

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