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November 15, 2020
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
JC Cube, Tai Kwun

Zines, Memes and Books in the Digital Age 數碼年代下的讀物

Join us for a discussion on how the literary ecosystem is evolving in the age of digital content, from independent publishers and bookstores to self-published books and zines. The event will feature Kaitlin Chan of Queer Reads Library, and Tiffany Huang of Spill Stories. Jo Lusby, co-founder of Pixie B Ltd and former North Asia head of Penguin Random House, will be moderating. Panellists will discuss how books, zines and ideas circulate within digital networks, in-person bookstores and fairs, and the potential for cultivating community within new online spaces and platforms.

與我們討論數字時代文學生態系統如何從獨立出版商書店到自出版的書籍雜誌演變。該活動的特色是Queer Reads Library 的Kaitlin Chan和 Spill Stories 的 Tiffany Huang。 Pixie B Ltd聯合創始人,企鵝蘭登書屋前北亞區負責人 Jo Lusby 將主持會議。 小組成員將討論書籍雜誌和想法如何在數字網絡當面書店和集市中的傳播,以及在新的線上空間和平台中培養社區的潛力。

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Kaitlin Chan is a cartoonist and cultural worker from Hong Kong.

Tiffany Huang is a Taiwanese American woman living in Hong Kong.

Jo Lusby is co-founder of Pixie B, a consultancy and agency specialising in publishing, film, and the creative sector in China.