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November 14, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Fringe Underground Theatre

Writing Romantic Fiction with Brian Lancaster

This workshop is aimed at aspiring writers of romantic fiction (including LGBTQ romance) who are at the beginning of their writing journey and would like some friendly pointers, advice and feedback to help them on their way to publication. Bring along your book idea (in your head) for some fun exercises and hopefully pick up some ideas along the way.

  • Established Romance Tropes: Which one fits your book idea?
  • Target Audience: Why knowing your genre and demographic is so important.
  • Elevator Pitch: Create a short synopsis, log line, and tagline for your book.
  • Well-Rounded Characters: Fleshing out your characters off the page (so you don’t download on the page).
  • Heat Level: Inferred or inferno? Subdued or imbued? Are the kisses stolen or molten? The rules of writing sex scenes.
  • Improvise or Organise: Whether or not to structure your plot as you write.
  • First Impressions: What to avoid when starting a story.
  • Max number of participants: 20
  • Age group: 18+

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Brian Lancaster is an author of gay romantic fiction in multiple genres. Born in the sleepy South of England where most of his stories are set, he moved to Southeast Asia in 1998, where he shares a home with his husband and two of the laziest cats on the planet.