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November 13, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Workshop: Xu Xi - Does Your Life Deserve a Memoir? 工作坊:許素細 - 細談自傳寫作

These days, everyone appears to be writing the stories of their lives. For an aspiring writer, your own life IS what you know best. but is it too vain or egotistical to think anyone would be interested in how you, or your family, have lived? How do you write your story or memoir and make it relevant to readers? In this workshop, Xu Xi’s talk will cover some of the fundamentals of memoir writing with writing exercises to get you started or further develop what you may have already written. Come with a laptop or pad or pen and paper to discover how and why your life deserves a memoir.


Xu Xi is the author of 14 books, most recently This Fish is Fowl: Essays of Being. This workshop is co-sponsored by the Mongrel Writers Residenceand Authors-At-Large


這些日子,幾乎所有人都在寫自己人生的故事。對於一位有抱負的作家而言,他最能夠清楚認識的莫過於自己的人生。但若果假想著有人會對自己,或自己的家庭的生活有興趣,這樣會過於自負,過於自我中心嗎?要怎樣編寫屬於自己的故事或自傳,才能引起讀者們的共鳴呢?在是次的工作坊中,許素細將會探討有關自傳寫作的重要元素,並透過寫作練習讓你從零學習開始創作,或繼續雕琢你原有的作品。帶著筆電或紙筆來吧 – 你會發現你的人生如何並為何值得被繪寫成自傳。

許素細共創作了十四本書,其最新的作品是《This Fish is Fowl: Essays of Being》。 這次的工作坊由Mongrel Writers ResidenceAuthors-At-Large聯合贊助。

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XU XI 許素細 was born and raised in Hong Kong of the fifties and sixties, and, until late 2018, has split most of her life between the city and New York.