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November 15, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Workshop: Nury Vittachi - How to Get Published 工作坊: Nury Vittachi - 作品如何出版

This fun, practical session gives you the five key pieces of information you need to know to make it as an author. You’ll learn the secrets of a prolific full-time writer of a range of books, from novels to non-fiction to children’s books. The works of this session’s speaker Nury Vittachi have been issued by some of the world’s biggest publishers, including St Martin’s Press, Penguin Random House, Scholastic Books, John Wiley, and Oxford University Press. And he got his works published in multiple languages around the world all from a small flat in Hong Kong. No technical knowledge needed, but imagination and passion are a must!

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這節既有趣又實用的活動將會給予你五個成為作家的重要貼士。你將會從一個出版過各類書籍,包括小說,非小說和兒童書籍,的全職作家身上得到秘訣。這位作家就是Nury Vittachi,曾於多個世界上數一數二大的出版商,如St Martin’s Press,Penguin Random House,Scholastic Books,John Wiley 和 Oxford University Press等出版他的書籍。而且他的作品僅在一間在香港的小單位被翻譯成多種語言。參與這次的工作坊無需任何技術知識,但形象力和熱誠卻是必要的!


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Nury Vittachi’s books have appeared in many languages.