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November 15, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Workshop: Hannah Lucinda Smith - How To Be A Journalist When Journalism Is Under Attack 工作坊: Hannah Lucinda Smith - 新聞收擊 何當記者

In an age of rising populism, how can journalists hold authoritarian governments to account and stay safe while doing so? Hannah Lucinda Smith, author of Erdogan Rising, has been the Times correspondent in Turkey and Syria for nearly a decade, and has reported on popular protests, civil wars and political repression. Turkey is the world’s biggest jailer of journalists, and President Erdogan has launched an escalating crackdown on free speech. In this workshop, Hannah explains how to weigh the risks of reporting in repressive environments, how to dig beneath the surface of secretive governments – and why it is vital that professional journalists continue to report in these countries. 

隨著民粹主義興起,新聞記者要怎樣挑戰和質問政府,卻又能自保並不被威脅?《 Erdogan Rising》的作者Hannah Lucinda Smith曾於土耳其和敘利亞任職近10年泰晤士報記者,並報導過各類抗爭,內戰和政治打壓的事件。土耳其是世界最大囚禁記者之地,總統埃爾多安亦越趨嚴重地鎮壓言論自由。在這次的工作坊,Hannah會解釋如何衡量在受壓迫的環境中報導的風險,如何發掘政府背後更多的內幕,並解釋為什麼職業記者繼續在這些國家中報導是尤其重要的。

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Hannah Lucinda Smith is The Times‘ correspondent in Turkey, where she has covered conflicts, a coup attempt and the rise of controversial president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan for over six years.