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November 14, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Workshop: Ben Judah - Is Travel Writing Still Possible? 工作坊:Ben Judah - 旅遊寫作還可行嗎?

Is travel writing a dead genre? A dated literary form unable to escape its postcolonial gaze? And is it even necessary in a world of mass travel when every weekend away is meticulously documented on instagram? In this workshop, Ben Judah will talk about what went wrong with travel writing and suggest ways it can be reinvented. Come with a notepad to discover how travel writing can be reinvented and incorporated into your everyday life and social media.


旅遊寫作是否已淪為一種已死的體裁?一種設有保鮮期,不能逃離後殖民凝視的文學體裁?在一個大眾旅遊已成為熱潮的世界中,當每星期的出走已被一絲不苟地紀錄在instagram上,旅遊寫作還是必要的嗎?在是次的工作坊,Ben Judah將會闡述有關旅遊寫作衰落的原因,並提出重新塑造它的方式。帶著你的筆記本,來找出旅遊寫作可以如何找到它重生的出路,和怎樣讓它跳入你的日常生活和社交媒體的方法。

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Ben Judah was born in London.