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November 09, 2019
9:30 am - 11:30 am
Twisk Campsite

Wilderness Survival Workshop - Miriam Lancewood 人在野:野外生存工作坊

With the support of Creative New Zealand


If you’ve ever dreamed about living in the woods and mountains, don’t miss this workshop with Miriam Lancewood, who lived with her husband in the New Zealand wilderness for more than seven years. They lived in a tent, cooked with fire, hunted and gathered food to survive and never stayed long in one place. With her personal insights, Lancewood will inspire you to leave your comfort zone, step into the unknown and realize your dreams. She will also share the necessary skills to survive in the wilderness. In this two-hour workshop, you will not only learn how to live in the wild, but more importantly, learn how to live wild. 

你可曾想像過在荒山野嶺生活嗎?Miriam Lancewood 與丈夫付諸實行,在紐西蘭荒野度過了長達七年的流浪生活。他們每日生火煮飯,睡在帳篷底下,以採集野果、打獵動物維生,亦不能在同一個地方長時間停留。Lancewood 會在這兩小時的工作坊,分享荒野生存的必備技能,並以親身經歷啟發大家跳出框框,離開舒適圈走向未知的遠方。你不僅能學到如何在野外生活,更會學到如何活出「野」的人生。

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Dutch born Miriam Lancewood lived for 7 years with her husband in the New Zealand mountains.