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November 03, 2019
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Goethe-Institut, Hong Kong

What is ‘Female’? 何謂「女性」?

Co-presented with the Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, with the support of the Consulate General of Canada

Theresia Enzensberger’s novel Blueprint is set in the Weimar Republic during a fleeting period of liberation and expression. It tells the story of a young woman struggling to reconcile ideas of love and feminism amidst the intrigue of the Bauhaus architecture school. Shelley Wood’s The Quintland Sisters is told from the perspective of a young midwife and relates the heartbreaking true story of the world’s first surviving quintuplets, who were taken away from their parents by the government after birth. Both Enzensberger and Wood challenge our expectations and conceptions of women. In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, join these two writers for an insightful conversation on modern feminism and its redefinition. This session will be moderated by Hong Kong University’s History professor Dr. Elizabeth LaCouture.

Theresia Enzensberger的小說《Blueprint》 以威瑪共和國作背景,並把故事設定在短暫的自由年代。它敘述了一個年輕女子在陰謀四處的包浩斯建築學院,企圖調和愛情和女性主義的故事。Shelley Wood 的《The Quintland Sisters》則從一個年輕「接生婆」的角度,講述史上首宗五胞胎存活的真實卻令人心碎的故事——他們一出世便被政府強行從父母身邊搶走。Enzensberger和 Wood皆大膽挑戰社會對女性的傳統看法和期望,她們的對話會能令我們反思現代女性主義和其新定義。本節目與歌德學院合作,並由香港大學的歷史教授藍雲博士擔任主持人。

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Shelley Wood’s short stories have appeared in a range of Canadian and international journals and have won her the Frank McCourt prize for Creative Nonfiction, Freefall Magazine’s fiction prize, and Causeway Lit’s award for creative nonfiction.

Theresia Enzensberger was born in Munich in 1986 and lives in Berlin.