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November 06, 2019
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
JC Studio Theatre, Fringe

Translating Cultures 翻譯的難題:文化意藴

With the support of the Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong

Unimaginable inventions of science fiction; chilling works of gothic Mexican literature; traditional xiqu pieces which integrate music, literature, martial arts and dance. How do you maintain cultural subtleties and linguistic nuances when translating such works of art? Our panel features acclaimed Mexican author Cristina Rivera Garza, who has published literary works in both English and Spanish; and Nicky Harman, co-chair of the Translators Association, who has translated the works of Chinese authors such as Chen Xiwo, Han Dong and Yan Geling into English. Local translator and poet Arthur Leung, who specializes in translating the works of Chinese poets, especially Leung Ping Kwan and Bei Dao, will moderate this session.

充滿令人難以想像的發明的科幻小說、令人毛骨悚然的墨西哥歌德文學、還有結合音樂、文學、功夫和舞蹈的傳統戲曲⋯⋯。這些藝術作品往往藴含多重深義與弦外之音。譯者該如何捕捉當中的文化意藴,同時保留原文精巧的語言?本座談會邀請了知名墨西哥作家Cristina Rivera Garza以及譯協共同主席Nicky Harman,與大家分享他們的秘訣。Cristina Rivera Garza出版多部英文和西班牙文作品;Nicky Harman則翻譯了陳希我、韓東、嚴歌苓等多位中國作家的著作。活動將由本地譯者兼詩人Arthur Leung主持,他主要翻譯華人詩人如也斯和北島的作品。

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Cristina Rivera Garza is an interdisciplinary scholar and an award winning cross-genre author.

Nicky Harman lives in the UK and translates full-time from Chinese.