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November 05, 2019
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Dairy, Fringe

Three Poems, One Story 多元四重讀

Two poems, two stories, four authors. Join poets Jennifer Wong (Goldfish) and Kit Fan (As Slow as Possible) and writers Lindsay Varty (Sunset Survivors) for a four-way reading. Spanning the themes of family, local culture, womanhood and others, listen to four diverse voices for an introduction to new avenues for literature. This event will be hosted by Belle Ling.

詩集《Goldfish》作者王詠思、詩集《As Slow as Possible》作者 Kit Fan以及《夕陽餘暉》作者華蓮絲將在本活動中進行四重閱讀。四把不同的聲音,觸及了家庭、香港文化和女性主義等主題。這活動將會由這活動將會由凌愷晴主持。




Featuring (click on author names to read more)

Lindsay Varty is a half-British, half-Macanese woman raised in Hong Kong.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jennifer Wong is the author of two poetry books including Goldfish.

Nashua Gallagher is the Sri-Lankan born, Hong Kong raised author of ‘All the Words a Stage’. She will be the opening act for HKILF’s Two Poems, Two Stories session.