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November 03, 2019
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
JC Studio Theatre, Fringe

Three Divas - David Chaffetz 三位名伶

David Chaffetz, author of A Journey through Afghanistan, argues that Asian divas had left a lasting legacy. Through practicing classical and tradition-bound arts, they were economically and socially independent, and paved the way for the triumph of the modern woman in Asian societies. Her message, centuries old and composed in a learned language, resounds as powerfully today as when first performed, while her art shines out in private salons, opera houses and cinema screens around the world. Sheridan Prasso, author of The Asian Mystique will join David Chaffetz in conversation.

不管來自中南亞世襲、蒙兀兒帝國晚期,還是明朝末年,傳統亞洲女歌唱家皆為現代女性賦予了新定義:透過演奏古代和傳統藝術,她們在經濟和社交上實現獨立,為現代女性在亞洲社會的地位鋪路。《A Journey through Afghanistan》的作者David Chaffetz深信這些歌唱家留下的影響極其深遠,她們歌聲裡的信息以優美的文字表達,跨越數個世紀,在今天聽起來仍如當年第一次表演時有力動聽。“The Asian Mystique” 的作者Sheridan Prasso將在本節目與David Chaffetz對話。


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David Chaffetz read Persian, Turkish and Arabic at Harvard University, studying with Wheeler Thackston, Anne-Marie Schimmel and Stuart Cary Welch.