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November 15, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
JC Cube, Tai Kwun

The Witchhunters x A Death in Hong Kong 獵巫在香港

Hong Kong, 1980. A British police officer is found shot dead, alone in a room locked from the inside. His death came mere hours before he was to be arrested for committing homosexual acts still, at that point, illegal in Hong Kong. Clearly suicide. Or was it? Two very different books have recently re-examined this landmark case that resulted in the decriminalization of homosexuality in the city. Authors Nury Vittachi and Nigel Collett give their different perspectives on the suppression of a scandal. 

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在1980年的香港,一名英國警員在因為干犯同性戀法案(當時同性戀在香港仍未合法)而將被拘捕的數個小時前,被發現於密封的房間內死於槍殺。看似是一場自殺,實情又是否如此?兩本截然不同的書藉,不約而同地重探當年這宗關乎同性戀歧視的重大案件。兩位作者Nury Vittachi Nigel Collett將會以不同的角度審視這宗壓抑了的醜聞。


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Nury Vittachi’s books have appeared in many languages.

Author of ‘The Butcher of Amritsar’ (2005), ‘Firelight of a Different Colour’ (2014) and ‘A Death in Hong Kong’ (2018; winner of the RAS History Prize).