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November 10, 2019
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
JC Studio Theatre, Fringe

The Thirteen Months that Changed the World - Jonathan Fenby 改變世界的13個月

The Thirteen Months that Changed the World

In thirteen months spanning 1947 and 1948, the world was permanently changed. In his latest book, Crucible, Jonathan Fenby explores the foundations of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the Western powers. Crucible leads us through the rise of the Communists in China, the division of Korea, the establishment of Israel and its first war with the Arab nations, the introduction of apartheid in South Africa and the postwar resurrection of Japan and Germany. Tears and blood flow from each page of this eye-opening book. This session will be moderated by Ravi Mattu, editor of the Financial Times Hong Kong.

1947年到1948年間這十三個月內,國際社會經歷了顛覆性的劇變。Jonathan Fenby的新作《Crucible》探討了蘇聯和西方國家冷戰的根源。《Crucible》帶領讀者瞭解中國共產主義的崛起、南北韓的分裂、以色列的創建及其與阿拉伯國家的首場戰爭,又深入介紹南非的種族隔離政策和戰後日本與德國的復興。這本書發人深省,每一頁都充滿着血與淚。本次活動將由《金融時報》(香港) 的編輯Ravi Mattu主持。


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Jonathan Fenby has published twenty books on subjects ranging from China to France and the Second World War.