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November 10, 2019
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Walking Tour

The Scars of Hong Kong Walking Tour - Philip Cracknell - Session 2

The Scars of Hong Kong Walking Tour – Philip Cracknell

In December 1941, Japanese forces invaded Hong Kong; the resulting battle ended with Hong Kong’s surrender and over 10,000 civilian casualties. The combatants were made up of British, Canadian, Indian, Portuguese and Hong Kong Chinese. Local historian Philip Cracknell will lead guests through one of the major battlefields in Hong Kong. The battlefield tour will be focused on the area around Wong Nai Chung Gap and Jardine’s Lookout. This is where the crucial battle took place. There are many military remains, including the ruins of gun batteries, pillboxes and bomb proof shelters. Philip will explain what happened at each location and provide context and insight on both the battle and the period of occupation which lasted until liberation in August 1945. The walk is not suitable for young children. The walk is mostly flat or downhill with one or two short uphill sections, it is suitable for adults of any age.

1941年12月,日本軍隊入侵香港;該戰爭以香港投降收場,市民傷亡人數達一萬以上。參戰士兵包括英國、加拿大、印度、葡萄牙和中國香港人。當地歷史學家Philip Cracknell將帶領我們走過昔日槍林彈雨的香港戰場,讓我們親眼目睹這段常被忽略的屈辱歷史。本次導覽的主要地點為黃泥浦峽和渣甸山周邊,當年的關鍵戰役就在這片區域打響。這裡還留有許多軍事遺骸,包括殘存的炮台、碉堡和防空洞。Philip 將向聽眾講解每一個角落所發生的故事,並闡述他對這場戰役及之後一直持續到1945年八月的軍事佔領的深可見解。本次徒步遊覽活動不適合年幼兒童。步行路線多為平地和下坡路,兼有一小部分上坡,適應于各個年齡段的成人。


Philip Cracknell is the author of a new book on the Battle of Hong Kong, published by Amberley Publishing.