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November 08, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am

The Myth of Chinese Capitalism: The Worker, The Factory and the Future of the World 中國資本主義的謬誤:工人,工廠與未來世界

Award-winning journalist and commentator on the US-China trade and political relationship, Dexter Roberts talks with New Yorker staff writer Jiayang Fan about his book, The Myth of Chinese Capitalism, which brings to life the problems that China and its people face today and explores how the Chinese manufacturing machine is actually powered. Personal stories explore the experience of China’s migrant workers and their role in fueling China’s manufacturing boom, while economic analysis challenges assumptions about its future, with implications for multinationals around the world. In ENGLISH, and available online 24 hours later with CHINESE subtitles.

This event is supported by the U.S. Consulate General of Hong Kong and Macao.  

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中美貿易與政治關係方面的獲獎記者和評論員 Dexter Roberts 將與《紐約客》記者樊嘉揚圖、討論他的作品《The Myth of Chinese Capitalism》。 透過設身處地和個人經驗, Dexter Roberts 的故事探討了中國農民工的經驗及其在推動中國製造業繁榮中的角色,而他的經濟分析則挑戰了有關其未來的假設,對世界各地的跨國公司帶有重大的影響。節目以英語進行, 中文字幕將於24小時後提供在線上觀看。



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Dexter Tiff Roberts is an author and speaker on China economics, business and politics.

Jiayang Fan is a staff writer at The New Yorker magazine, where she writes about China and Chinese-American politics and culture.