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May 09, 2021
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
7/F, Bohemian Garden, K11 Musea

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The Green Dragon (with Suzanne Younan)

The Green Dragon with Suzanne Younan | The Green Dragon 與Suzanne Younan

The Green Dragon is old and wise, befriended by many. When his friends are hurt by plastic pollution, he feels anger and despair – until a young boy comes to his rescue in more ways than one. This book tackles the topic of plastic in the ocean and how it affects sea creatures, helping to build empathy and instill a sense of responsibility for our actions.

A difficult topic to raise with young children, Suzanne Younan’s story presents a challenging situation with empathy and hope, when Leo, the hero of the story takes the message to his community to promote change.


The Green Dragon年老但聰明,他不時得到各方好友的幫助。當他知道他的朋友受塑膠污染影響時,他感到既憤怒又絕望。後來,一位小男孩用不同方法幫助他和朋友們脫困。這本書圍繞着海洋塑膠污染問題,講述塑膠如何影響海洋生物,助讀者建立同理心,教導他們要為自己的行為負責。



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Suzanne Younan, who moved to Hong Kong in 2015 with her family, is a true nature enthusiast and environmental guardian who loves animals and hiking. She was compelled to write The Green Dragon while working at Green Dragons HK, a volunteer organization she founded back in 2017.

Suzanne Younan 於2015年與家人移居香港。她熱愛大自然,是一位環保主義者。另外,她熱愛遠足和動物。2017年,Suzanne 成立志願機構 Green Dragons HK,並編寫 The Green Dragon一書。