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May 01, 2021
5:15 pm - 6:00 pm
Playdot, 3/F, Lee Garden Two
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The Green Dragon and the Oh No Bird (with Suzanne Younan)

The Green Dragon and the Oh No Bird with Suzanne Younan | The Green Dragon and the Oh No Bird 與Suzanne Younan

Set in Hong Kong with familiar scenes and locations, the characters are based on creatures that live in Hong Kong and the problems they sadly face due to human habits. The Green Dragon and the Oh No Bird is a lighthearted story that highlights the problem of litter in our Country Parks. Despite recent picnic area closures due to the pandemic, the problem of litter in the parks is still unfortunately an issue. Raising awareness to the dangers of plastic and litter in general to the animal population from a different angle, two inspired children get together to create a ‘Green Picnic Guide’ to help influence the community.

Suzanne hopes to inspire children and young families to get outside and enjoy nature responsibly. The illustrations are packed with things to spot ….’a creature feature’ and the book aspires to encourage the youngsters to get outside and see for themselves!


書本的背景設於香港,所以讀者對書中的場景和地點有一定的認識。書本的角色主要是居住在香港的動物,內容牽涉人類活動為這些動物帶來的問題。《The Green Dragon and the Oh No Bird》是一個輕鬆的故事,故事圍繞人類在郊野公園亂拋垃圾的問題。雖然野餐區目前因疫情而關閉,但郊野公園亂拋垃圾的問題仍然值得關注。書本講述兩位優秀的小孩設計了「綠色野餐指南」,希望影響社區,引起大眾關注塑膠和亂拋垃圾為動物帶來的威脅。



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Suzanne Younan, who moved to Hong Kong in 2015 with her family, is a true nature enthusiast and environmental guardian who loves animals and hiking. She was compelled to write The Green Dragon while working at Green Dragons HK, a volunteer organization she founded back in 2017.

Suzanne Younan 於2015年與家人移居香港。她熱愛大自然,是一位環保主義者。另外,她熱愛遠足和動物。2017年,Suzanne 成立志願機構 Green Dragons HK,並編寫 The Green Dragon一書。