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November 09, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
JC Studio Theatre, Fringe

The Great Successor - Anna Fifield 英國《金融時報》 聯合呈獻:偉大的繼承人 —— Anna Fifield

Anna Fifield: The Great Successor
偉大的繼承人 —— Anna Fifield

Co-presented with the Financial Times

The Great Successor is journalist Anna Fifield’s in-depth exploration of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. From Kim’s closely guarded childhood to his ‘bromance‘ with US president Donald Trump, Fifield reveals exclusive information about this once-unlikely political leader. Well-written and meticulously researched, Fifield’s book offers fascinating insights into one of the most enigmatic political regimes in the world. FT’s Global China Editor James Kynge, will join Fifield as she delves into the myths, rumours and personality cult surrounding the North Korean leader. 

與 英國《金融時報》 聯合呈獻

通過對北韓領袖金正恩的深入探索,新聞工作者 Anna Fifield創作了《The Great Successor》,從金正恩被嚴密保護的童年到與美國總統特朗普之間荒誕不經的兄弟情,Fifield揭露了曾被認作天方夜譚的領導人的秘密。 經過多番鑽研,《The Great Successor》以縝密的筆鋒對這個奇特神秘的國家提出獨到的見解。

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Anna Fifield is the Beijing bureau chief for The Washington Post, covering all aspects of greater China.