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May 02, 2021
5:15 pm - 6:00 pm
Playdot, 3/F, Lee Garden Two
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The Forgettery (with Rachel Ip)

The Forgettery with Rachel Ip | The Forgettery 與Rachel Ip

Filled with warmth and gentle humour, The Forgettery is a magical imaginative adventure, celebrating the unique bond between grandparent and grandchild, and touching sensitively on the experience of memory loss. Rachel will share her writer’s notebooks, talk about where she finds her story ideas, planning, research, drafting, and revision processes. She will also share sneak peeks and insights into Laura’s sketch books and illustration process.

In the second part of the session, Rachel will read The Forgettery and talk about the inspiration behind the story. Rachel’s talk is packed with memory games and fun facts about how our brilliant brains make memories and includes a “Make your own memory butterfly” activity.


《The Forgettery》是一個溫情和幽默的創新故事,包含魔幻歷奇元素。故事講述祖母和孫兒之間的獨特關係,並細膩地描述腦退化症患者的經歷。Rachel將會分享她的作家筆記,以及大談籌備這本書的過程,包括創作靈感、構思、研究、草稿和校對過程。她亦會優先分享Laura的素描簿和插畫繪製過程,以及對於這些設計的見解。

Rachel會在閱書會的第二節朗讀《The Forgettery》和講述創作故事的靈感。她亦會與大家玩記憶遊戲,並主持「Make your own memory butterfly」活動,分享一些有趣的事實,讓大家認識聰明的大腦如何製造記憶。


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The author of The Last Garden and The Forgettery, Rachel Ip’s stories are often inspired by real-world events or experiences.

Rachel是《The Last Garden》和《The Forgettery》的作者。她運用自己的所見所聞來創作故事。