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November 07, 2020
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company 無政府:東印度公司,企業暴力與帝國的劫掠

In August 1765 the East India Company defeated the young Mughal emperor and forced him to establish in his richest provinces a new administration run by English merchants who collected taxes through means of a ruthless private army. Historian William Dalrymple’s latest best-selling book reveals the remarkable story of the East India Company and the devastating results of a corporation running a country. This timely cautionary tale of the first global corporate power traces the rise of an aggressive colonial power in the guise of a multinational business. He discusses the book with Ravi Mattu, Deputy Asia Editor of the Financial Times. In ENGLISH, and available online 24 hours later with CHINESE subtitles.

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1765年的八月,不列顛的東印度公司戰勝了蒙兀兒帝國國王,逼使他於最富有的省份建立一個新的行政地區。此處由英國商人管理,主要靠收稅去經營一支殘暴的私人軍隊。歷史家William Dalrymple的最新著作是一部講述了東印度公司如何接管大片亞洲地區的故事,以及該公司經營一個國家所帶來的災難後果。這個關於首個全球大企業的警世故事,追溯了一個急進的殖民勢力,是如何在多國商貿的偽裝之中崛起的。他與《金融時報》亞洲副編輯 Ravi Mattu 討論了這本書。節目以英語進行, 中文字幕將於24小時後提供在線上觀看。


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William Dalrymple is the bestselling author of In Xanadu, City of Djinns, From the Holy Mountain, The Age of Kali, White Mughals, The Last Mughal and, most recently, Nine Lives.

Ravi Mattu is the deputy Asia news editor of the Financial Times, helping to oversee the paper’s coverage of the Asia-Pacific region.