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November 10, 2019
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Jockey Club Hall, Asia Society

Teacup Concert - Matt Ottley 《茶杯》演奏

Co-presented with the Asia Society Hong Kong


Matt Ottley is a storyteller of multiple dimensions. Inspired by his synesthesia, Ottley crafts stories with words, illustrations and music, creating a rich sensory experience as whole worlds come alive to his audience. Come and enjoy a live concert at the Asia Society, featuring music specifically composed by Ottley for the award winning picture book Teacup by Rebecca Young and Ottley! Joining him will be pianist Alf Demasi from Yamaha and talented local musicians. This session will be hosted by Mio Debnam.

Matt Ottley是一位出色的說書人。受到他鋼琴模擬器的啟發,Ottley善於結合文字、插畫和音樂創作,為觀衆帶來豐富的感官體驗,讓故事中的世界變得栩栩如生又難忘不已。快來亞洲協會聆聽這場現場音樂會,體驗Ottley從他與Rebecca Young所著的獲獎圖畫書《Teacup》得到靈感而創作出的音樂。是次音樂會亦會邀請 Yamaha 鋼琴家 Alf Demasi 和其他本地音樂家参與演出。本節目由小說作家Mio Debnam主持。


Joyce Wong (Soprano)




Kenix Tsang (Alto)




Alfonso Demasi (Pianist)

Kiann Chow (Violinist)

Eric Yip (Cellist)

Masaami Nagai (Double Bassist)

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Matt Ottley is an internationally acclaimed multi-award winning artist, working equally across the fields of literature, visual arts and music. His latest work, The Tree of Ecstasy and Unbearable Sadness is an ambitious work involving visual arts, literature and a largescale orchestral work.