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May 02, 2021
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
Playdot, 3/F, Lee Garden Two
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Tales of the naughty monkey god, Hanuman (with Bhakti Mathur)

Tales of the naughty monkey god, Hanuman with Bhakti Mathur | 神猴Hanuman的故事 與Bhakti Mathur

Bhakti shares the myth and adventures from her Amma Tell Me: Hanuman trilogy.

Let Amma take you on a journey with stories of the naughty monkey god, Hanuman. Hear about the tricks that mischievous Hanuman played as a child, trying to gobble up the sun for breakfast, and the story of how he charmed a mountain, defeated a dragon and crushed a snake while on a great mission for Rama. Be enthralled with Hanuma’s adventures in the island of Lanka, his search for Sita in a golden city, and his fight with the mighty Ravana!


Bhaktih與大家分享《Amma Tell Me: Hanuman trilogy》的神話和歷險故事。



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Bhakti Mathur is a freelance journalist and an author who created the popular Amma Tell Me Series of picture books about Indian festivals and mythology. She has sixteen published titles to date.

Bhakti Mathur是一位自由撰稿人及作家。她出版了廣受歡迎的《Amma Tell Me》圖畫書系列,當中介紹了不少印度的節日及古代神話故事。她至今已出版了十六本書籍。