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November 15, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
F Hall, Tai Kwun

Superpower Interrupted: The Chinese History of the World 超級大國被打斷:世界華人歷史

What does China want? Author Michael Schuman talks with Jeffrey Timmermans, director of the Bachelor of Journalism program at Hong Kong University about his new book, which

seeks answers to that critical question by examining 3,000 years of Chinese history. Superpower Interrupted tells the epic story of China through the eyes of the Chinese themselves to better understand the nation’s ambitions today. For much of human history, China was a superpower – a dominant political force in East Asia, one of the world’s largest economies, a technological leader, and a fountain of philosophy, literature and ideas that shaped Asian civilization. How does China’s historical narrative influence current policies, and are we witnessing a restoration of China to superpower status today?

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中國想要什麼? 作者Michael Schuman與香港大學新聞學學士課程主任Jeffrey Timmermans談他的新書,希望能通過研究中國3,000多年的歷史來尋找這個關鍵問題的答案。 Superpower Interrupted》通過中國人自己的眼光講述了中國史詩般的故事,以更好地了解當今國家的野心。 在人類的大部分歷史上,中國都是超級大國 – 東亞的主要政治力量,世界上最大的經濟體之一技術領導者以及塑造亞洲文明的哲學文學和思想的源泉。 中國的歷史敘事如何影響當前的政策,我們是否正在目睹中國恢復今天的超級大國地位?


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Michael Schuman is a journalist and author who has lived and worked in Asia since 1996.

Jeffrey Timmermans is an associate professor and director of the undergraduate journalism programme at The University of Hong Kong (HKU).