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November 07, 2020
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Art and Culture Outreach Bookstore

Spill Stories Social / Spill Stories 聯誼活動

Spill Stories Social is a storytelling event celebrating the creative community in Hong Kong. The event will include the launch of several anthologies collected from women writers and spoken word performances. A marketplace will feature clothing from Art Women and prints from local painter Misato Pang. Videography capturing local cultural scenes from LIKEWISE will also be shown throughout the event. One of the books that will be celebrated is Black in Asia, an anthology of 20+ personal stories from Black writers across Asia in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. The event is hosted by Spill Stories, a storytelling platform that collects personal prose and poetry pieces that unite womxn of color. In ENGLISH.

為慶祝香港創意活動,讀書會「Spill Stories Social 」將帶來由不同女作家和表演中收集撰寫成的幾本選集。活動期間將會在市集中展出由 Art Women 設計的服裝和本地畫家Misato Pang的版畫, 同時也會有 LIKEWISE 本地文化活動的錄影播放。《Black in Asia》 為該活動其中一本受矚目書籍, 這本書彙集了20多個來自亞洲各地黑人作家的個人經歷和故事, 以回應「Black Lives Matter」運動。 活動將由團體 Spill Stories 主辦, 他們踴躍於收集各種個人散文和詩歌作品, 致力為不同膚色的女性提供一個講述故事的平台。節目以英語進行。