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November 03, 2019
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Dairy, Fringe

Shanghai Through the Years 今昔上海

With the support of the Consulate General of the United States in Hong Kong


Being China’s cosmopolitan metropolis of old and new, Shanghai has rapidly become one of the most populous cities in the world. Shanghai’s transformation into a uniquely global city is rife with personal tragedies and dramatic tales. Author Helen Zia’s Last Boat Out of Shanghai offers a detailed mid-20th century look at the storied city, buffeted by war and chaos, revolution and exodus as its residents seek to survive through continual change and uncertainty. Photographer Liu Heung Shing’s A Life in a Sea of Red provides an intimate new look into Shanghai’s collision of past, present and future. Join these two journalists in conversation with West Kowloon Cultural District’s Artistic Director Alison Friedman as they discuss the political turmoil and upheaval that shaped Shanghai throughout the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

上海貴為世上人口最為眾多的城市之一,是中國的國際明珠,也是過去和未來的交匯點。改革開放時期的轉折危機,給上海蒙上了一層史詩般的光輝,而這龐大的歷史背景卻掩埋了千萬市民經歷的悲劇和傳奇。作家謝漢蘭在《最後一艘離開上海的船》中刻畫了20世紀中期因為戰爭與禍亂、革命與移居而歷盡滄桑的城市,也敍述了一些在幻變與無常中掙扎求存的感人故事。攝影師劉香成的《紅海餘生》讓人以嶄新角度了解上海的過去、現在和未來。這兩位新聞工作者將與西九龍文化中心藝術總監Alison Friedman展開對話,討論20和21世紀的政治動盪如何塑造了今天的上海。

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Helen Zia, an award-winning journalist and Fulbright Scholar, spent 12 years working on her recent book, Last Boat out of Shanghai.

Liu Heung Shing is an accomplished photojournalist and Pulitzer-prize winning photographer.