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November 12, 2020
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Past Perspectives: The End of Old Shanghai 老上海的終結

Paul French’s books about the history of Shanghai include Bloody Saturday: Shanghai’s Darkest Day, which describes a day of aerial bombardment on 14 August 1937, that marked the start of the Battle of Shanghai and the full-scale Japanese onslaught into central and southern China. In Champions Day, author James Carter provides a kaleidoscopic portrait of the city four years later, on 12 November 1941. Seen through the prism of a funeral, a birthday celebration and an annual day at the races, it was a day that heralded the end of European Shanghai and that still speaks to relations between China and the West today. Tina Kanagaratnam of Historic Shanghai moderates a lively conversation about these pivotal moments in the city’s history. 

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英國作家Paul French於2017年出版的書 —《Bloody Saturday: Shanghai’s Darkest Day》描述了1937年引起淞滬會戰的八一四空戰,標示著日軍正式侵華。在另一本書《Champions Day: The End of Old Shanghai》,James Carter透過描寫葬禮,生日會和年度賽馬日的景象,呈現出四年後—1941年11月12日,上海這座城市如萬花筒般的模樣,預兆著「歐化上海」的結束,也奠定了今日中西關係搖籃。 Tina Kanagaratnam將擔任主持人與兩位探討上海昔日的輝煌時刻。


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Paul French lived and worked in Shanghai for many years.

James Carter is a writer and historian of modern China.

Tina Kanagaratnam is the co-founder of Historic Shanghai, established in 1998 with the goal of preserving Shanghai’s unique history by raising awareness of its built heritage and social and cultural history.