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November 02, 2019
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Walking Tour

Mui Wo History & Floral Tour - Sally Bunker 舊地重遊:梅窩的花草世界

Most of us are so busy we never take the time to stop and appreciate Hong Kong’s wonderful natural scenery. For this event, botanical artist Sally Bunker will offer intriguing observations on the natural world through a tour of Mui Wo’s history, fauna and flora. Participants will gain an understanding and appreciation of the treasures and beauty to be found in nature. Take a break and go for a walk with us! 

香港生活節奏急促,我們往往無暇駐足欣賞身邊綺麗的自然風景。在這個導賞團,我們將有幸在植物美術家Sally Bunker(奔雅)的帶領下走進梅窩,細細審視這座城市的自然景觀。在這個涵蓋香港歷史和動植物群的遊覽項目中,參與者將了解並學會欣賞大自然的美麗餽贈。給自己放個假,到花木掩映的梅窩散散步吧。

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