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November 8, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
JC Studio Theatre, Fringe

Migrations and Borders in Today’s World - Cristina Rivera Garza

Cristina Rivera Garza has authored six novels, three short-story collections, five poetry collections and three nonfiction books. Writing in both Spanish and English, Garza is frequently influenced by her experiences teaching on both sides of the US–Mexico border. Her writing has touched upon the themes of migration, refugee crises and a polarized political climate. Garza’s novella The Taiga Syndrome won the 2018 Shirley Jackson Award, juxtaposing elegant prose with the encroaching darkness of her narrative. Come learn more about migrations and borders in today’s world from one of Mexico’s most prolific writers.

This session includes an afterparty with free drinks sponsored by the Consulate General of Mexico in Hong Kong and Macau SAR.


Cristina Rivera Garza is an interdisciplinary scholar and an award winning cross-genre author.