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November 14, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
F Hall, Tai Kwun

Menno Moto: A Journey Across the Americas 美州電單車長征:重連門諾派身分

Menno Moto is a wild true story about Cameron Dueck’s 8-month, 45,000 km motorcycle journey from Manitoba to Argentina to explore the Mennonite diaspora. During this time of social isolation, the book invites us to think about why we isolate and how, as well as how community emerges even in the midst of isolation. He speaks with Chris Maden about his journey, the book and its wider implications. 

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野性而真實的《Menno Moto》,講述了Cameron Dueck那趟歷時八個月,跨越四萬五千公里,從曼尼托巴省到阿根廷,旨在探索門諾派離散故事的電單車之旅。適逢現在社交隔離的情況,本書讓我們細思為甚麼要隔離,以及群體如何在隔離的迷霧中驀然生成。他與Chris Maden談他的旅程這本書及其更廣泛的含義。


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Cameron Dueck uses adventure travel to tell stories about fringe societies.