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November 05, 2019
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Dairy, Fringe

Literary Food Journey 舌尖上的文學

With the support of Creative New Zealand and the Consulate General of the United States

Author Jennifer 8. Lee explores the globalization of Chinese food resulting from cultural interactions; memoirist Miriam Lancewood spent seven years foraging and hunting for food in the wilderness of New Zealand; Hong Kong poet Belle Ling’s PhD research demonstrates the power of food as it intensifies the senses and inspires rapturous language. Don’t miss this chance to hear from these three authors about the connection between food and writing. The event will be moderated by Hong Kong writer and filmmaker Yvonne Yu. Bloop will provide cupcakes for your enjoyment.

作家李競在其作品《幸運簽餅紀事》中探究在文化交流中如何使中菜全球化;回憶錄作者Miriam Lancewood在紐西蘭荒野住了七年,靠打獵覓食維生;本地詩人凌愷晴的博士論文剖析食物如何刺激人的感官並啟發寫作靈感。三位作家將就飲食和寫作的關係開啟一場精彩討論,絕對不容錯過。活動將由香港作家及電影製作人Yvonne Yu主持。Bloop將在本節目中提供杯子蛋糕供您享用。


Opening act by Suhas Bhat from Hong Kong Stories

Suhas Bhat is a financial journalist from Bangalore writing about Asian corporate finance in Hong Kong. Bhat, as a regular Hong Kong Stories storyteller, will open the session.

Suhas Bhat是一位來自班加羅爾的金融記者,他在香港撰寫有關亞洲公司融資的文章。 Bhat作為Hong Kong Stories 的說書人,將為活動開幕。

Featuring (click on author names to read more)

A former New York Times reporter, Jenny is the author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, a #25 New York Times bestseller about the Americanization of Chinese food.

Dutch born Miriam Lancewood lived for 7 years with her husband in the New Zealand mountains.

Belle Ling was born and grew up in Hong Kong. She is a PhD candidate in creative writing at the University of Queensland in Australia.