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November 08, 2019
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Vault, Fringe

Launch of Hong Kong Writers Circle Anthology 《Hong Kong Writers Circle 文集》發佈會

The Hong Kong Writers’ Circle is a local group of English-language authors with eclectic interests. The group runs critique groups, workshops, social events and, every year, produces an anthology. This year’s Coming to Our Senses  includes short stories and poems by over twenty authors. Come and meet the authors! They will be reading short extracts from their contributions, and it’s always fun with the circle.

Hong Kong Writers’ Circle由一群本地英語作家創立,以其作家文風、題材等不拘一格聞名。組織多年來舉辦各類型文評小組、工作坊以至社會活動,並於每年出版一本文集,收錄一眾作家的作品。本年,文集以《Coming to Our Senses》為主題,囊括超過二十多位作家所創作的短篇小說及詩歌。他們亦將在發佈會上朗讀自己作品的選段,與大家分享他們的創作成果。我們誠邀你與一眾傑出本地英語作家見面,加入他們具啟發性又不失趣味的交流。



Nifraz Rifaz was born and raised in Sri Lanka but now lives in Hong Kong where he writes, paints and tells stories.

Reena Bhojwani was born and brought up in Hong Kong. She teaches creative writing. She’s on

Gillian Bickley is a prize- and award-winning poet, translated into several languages, and has lived mainly in Hong Kong since 1970.

Simon Berry is a recovering lawyer. He lives in Hong Kong with his wife and daughters and is working on his second novel.

Wilson Li is passionate about blending his nostalgia and real-life experience in both Australia and Hong Kong to develop stories.

Stewart McKay has worked, taught and lived in Hong Kong for over seven years. He writes, and blogs at

Dimple Shah arrived a decade ago and has been published in various literary magazines. More on

Sarah Ho writes poems, short stories and now a novel. Her dream for her words touch the hearts of people as they touch hers.

Some of the other contributors will be there, but won’t read. They are: Laura Ruggeri, Anjali Mittal, Andy Morral, Genevieve Hilton, Vaughan Rapatahana, Jason Y Ng, Julia Tobing, Edmund Price, Ian Greenfield, Henrik Hoeg, James Tam, Atom Cheung, Lia Mandansari, Suci Resmiyati, Kim Grant and Joy Al-Sofi (editor).