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November 14, 2020
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Journalism Workshop: Barbara Demick - The Art of Fact 傳媒工作坊: Barbara Demick - 表達事實的藝術

In a time when truth looks elusive, when public figures speak in all seriousness about “alternative facts,” Barbara Demick, a journalist author of three acclaimed non-fiction books, talks about how to write true stories. This workshop begins with the premise that reality is usually more interesting than make-believe if you probe it long enough. And that a story can be most compelling if you stick to the facts without embellishment.

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在這個真相已看似難以辨別的時代,當公眾人物義正嚴辭地講述“另類真相”時,Barbara Demick,一位擁有三本備受稱讚的非小說書本的記者作家,將探討寫出真實故事的方法。此工作坊會以“只要你探究夠久,現實世界通常會比虛偽的世界更有趣“的前提揭開序幕。只要你謹守真相,拒絕過多的文字修飾或花言巧語,任何故事也可以成為最令人信服的作品。


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Barbara Demick is a journalist and author of three books.