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November 11, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Howard Jacobson in Conversation 活出真我:Howard Jacobson分享會

Howard Jacobson, Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Finkler Question, and one of “our funniest writers alive” (Allison Pearson) has written a wickedly observed novel of old age and new love. Live a Little follows the late-life romance of 90-somethings Beryl, who is forgetting everything, and Shimi who forgets nothing. This is a novel to make you consider all the paths not taken in life, and whether you could still change course. Anya Adair, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Hong Kong, joins Howard in conversation. In ENGLISH and available 24 hours later with CHINESE subtitles. 

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香港大學英文系助理教授 Anya Adair 將與布克獎獲獎者,《The Finkler Question》作家Howard Jacobson進行一場對話。被英國專欄作家Allision Pearson 稱為「當今最風趣的作家 」的Howard將分享他的新穎小說作品—《Live a Little》,一部關於一對暮年男女Beryl 和Shimi遲暮之年的愛戀故事。這本能夠勾起與自己擦肩而過的人生道路回憶的書籍,發人深省,給予讀者斟酌作出改變的機會和勇氣。節目以英語進行,中文字幕將於24小時後提供在線上觀看。



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Howard Jacobson FRSL was born in Manchester and studied English at Downing College, Cambridge.

Dr. Anya Adair is Assistant Professor of Law and Humanities in the School of English at the University of Hong Kong.