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November 08, 2019
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
China Club

Gala Dinner with Pico Iyer (Moe Clark Performance) 與Pico Iyer共度週年晚宴

With the support of the Consulate General of the United States


Most of us will take in more data today than Shakespeare did in his entire lifetime. Our children will spend an average of eleven years of their lives on their phones. How can we maintain our sanity and balance when we are surrounded by so many “weapons of mass distraction”? Drawing on his bestselling TED book, The Art of Stillness, which has been translated into eighteen languages, celebrated novelist, journalist and essayist Pico Iyer will offer guidance on living in a posthuman world. In conversation with Asia Tatler journalist Lee Williamson, join our special annual dinner at the China Club and learn the art of remembering what matters most.

今時今日,大多數人接收的資訊比莎士比亞畢生接收的還多。我們的下一代更可能把人生平均11年花在手機上。 當我們每天被種種資訊和媒體包圍,我們該如何保持清醒的頭腦,平衡自己用在數碼和現實世界的時間? 知名小說家、記者兼論說家Pico Iyer對如何在後人類世界生活有獨特見解。他的作品《靜思的藝術》獲翻譯成18種語言,是 TED暢銷書籍。他來中國將參加我們的特別週年晚宴,細聽Iyer的忠告,一同反思生命中最重要的事物。Asia Tatler的作者 Lee Williamson將參與晚宴,並會與Iyer進行深度交流。


Opening act by Moe Clark

Canadian Métis multidisciplinary artist  Moe Clark will open the gala dinner with a special performance. In the vein of travel and multiculturalism, Clark will perform a layered vocal masterpiece drawing from gospel, folk, soul and spoken word genres.

來自加拿大原住民族的跨界別藝術家Moe Clark將為文學節晚宴帶來精彩的開場表演。Clark從旅遊和多元文化的世界中吸取靈感,在福音、民間故事、靈魂音樂和口述詩多個體裁中取材, 創作了層次感豐富的聲樂傑作

Tables are available – please contact Ann Chan at for booking tables. 

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Pico Iyer is the author of two novels and thirteen works of nonfiction, including reader-favourites such as Video Night in Kathmandu, The Lady and the Monk, and The Art of Stillness.

Métis performing artist Moe Clark draws from multilingual lyricism to create meaning rooted in personal legacy.