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November 06, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Vault, Fringe

Free Press and Non-Fiction Workshop - Nury Vittachi 新聞自由與紀實文學工作坊

Free Press and Non-fiction Workshop – Nury Vittachi

Writer Nury Vittachi does not mince words nor shy away from controversial topics. His columns for the South China Morning Post and regular contributions to the Hong Kong Free Press, Reader’s Digest and more have earned him both praise and ire. From culture via politics to history, Vittachi puts together wittily crafted opinion pieces. Join Vittachi for a workshop on nonfiction writing and engage in conversation with him on the importance of free press.

作家 Nury Vittachi 從不迴避備受爭議的話題。他為《南華早報》、《香港自由新聞》、《讀者文摘》等刊物的專欄定期撰稿,獲得讚譽的同時但又引來不滿的聲音。 Nury Vittachi 對文化、政治及歷史都有深刻見解,故其作品建基於支持其立場的證據,再以風趣詼諧的筆觸表達獨到的評論。Vittachi將在這個工作坊教導大家紀實寫作技巧。加入他的寫作工作坊,學習如何評論時事,了解一下新聞自由的重要性吧!

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Nury Vittachi, born 2 October 1958 in Ceylon, is a journalist and author based in Hong Kong.