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May 20, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Fragile Monsters Author Catherine Menon in Conversation | 與《Fragile Monsters》作家Catherine Menon對話

Supple, artful, skilful storytelling – it takes an immediate grip on the reader’s imagination and doesn’t let go




Hong Kong International Literary Festival and Bookazine invite you to meet the author of a striking debut novel about unravelling family secrets across generations and continents.

Catherine Menon is Australian-British, has Malaysian heritage and lives in London. She is a lecturer in robotics and has both a PhD in Pure Mathematics and an MA in Creative Writing.

On 20th May from 1900-2000 HKT she joins us for a conversation with Hong Kong-based author Mishi Saran followed by audience Q&A.

Catherine Menon traces one family’s story from 1920 to the present, unravelling a thrilling tale of love, betrayal and redemption against the backdrop of natural disasters and fallen empires. Written in vivid technicolour, with an electric daughter-grandmother relationship at its heart, Fragile Monsters explores what happens when secrets fester through the generations.

‘A brilliant novel about homecoming and the layered, unstable past that haunts and hurts…I admire it enormously’

COLM Tóibín

Tickets are $80 for access to the event, and $200 for event access plus a copy of Fragile Monsters.

SCMP Review of Fragile Monsters:

香港國際文學節和Bookazine誠邀你蒞臨Catherine Menon作家見面會,屆時作家Catherine Menon會分享她的首部小說作品,小說講述一個家庭的黑暗秘密,是一個誇世代和誇地域的故事。

Catherine Menon是澳洲裔英國人,她有馬來西亞血統,現居倫敦。她是機器人學講師,並取得創意寫作碩士學位和純數學博士學位。她將於5月20日晚上1900-2000聯同駐港作家Mishi Saran出席作家見面會,兩位作家會談後設有觀眾問答環節。

Catherine Menon描述了一個家庭由1920年至今的故事。故事以天災為背景,內容圍繞愛、背叛和救贖。《Fragile Monsters》的文筆生動有趣,充滿色彩。作者細膩地描寫出一段扣人心弦的嫲孫關係,並逐漸揭開一個隱藏多年的秘密,詳述這個秘密如何侵蝕跨代關係。


COLM Tóibín

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《南華早報》對《Fragile Monsters》的評論:

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Catherine Menon is Australian-British, has Malaysian heritage and lives in London.

Catherine Menon是澳洲裔英國人,她有馬來西亞血統,現居倫敦。

Mishi Saran’s first novel The Other Side of Light (HarperCollins India, 2012) was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Book Prize.

Mishi Saran的首部小說作品《The Other Side of Light (2012年經HaperCollins India出版)入圍英聯邦圖書獎。