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November 01, 2019
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
JC Studio Theatre, Fringe

Festival Opening Night 文學節開幕夜

With the support of Creative New Zealand, Culture Ireland and the Consulate General of the United States


Celebrate the opening of the 19th HKILF with us! Our opening night will feature six-minute stories from six of our writers: Chessie Henry, Miriam Lancewood, Jennifer 8. Lee, Nury Vittachi, Kuffy Ko and Emmy the Great. Their tales are riveting, hilarious, unbelievable—and 100 percent real. This event will be hosted by Festival Co-chair Simon Westcott, and local musician Emmy the Great will also be presenting her memorable Hong Kong-style pop songs. Join us and kick off your festival experience with an unforgettable evening! This event will be hosted by Simon Westcott.

讓我們共同慶祝第十九屆香港國際文學節的盛大開幕!本次盛典將邀請6位作家,各人皆以6分鐘講述屬於自己的故事。他們包括Chessie Henry, Miriam Lancewood, Jennifer 8. Lee, Nury Vittachi, Kuffy Ko and Emmy the Great。他們個個談笑風生、妙語連珠,故事也引人入勝、難以置信——卻是百分百真實!本地音樂家Emmy the Great更會為開幕夜打造氣氛,盡情演繹港式流行歌曲。讓我們一起用這個無法忘懷的夜晚來開啓十天的文學旅程吧!這活動將會由 Simon Westcott 主持。

Featuring (click on author names to read more)

John Boyne is the author of eleven novels for adults, six for younger readers and a collection of short stories.

Chessie Henry is the author of We Can Make A Life, a family memoir which was recently awarded the E.H. McCormick Prize for General Non-Fiction at the 2019 Ockham New Zealand Book Awards.

Dutch born Miriam Lancewood lived for 7 years with her husband in the New Zealand mountains.

A former New York Times reporter, Jenny is the author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, a #25 New York Times bestseller about the Americanization of Chinese food.

Nury Vittachi, born 2 October 1958 in Ceylon, is a journalist and author based in Hong Kong.

Luke Wright is a poet and theatre-maker.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kuffy Ko spent his childhood in Hangzhou and was educated in Hong Kong and London.

Emmy the Great was born in Hong Kong to a Chinese mother and English father.