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May 01, 2021
3:15 pm - 4:45 pm
Playdot, 3/F, Lee Garden Two
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Drawing Workshop (with Pirate)

Drawing Workshop with Pirate | 繪畫工作坊 與Pirate

“We are all unique.” What would you show in your self portrait based on that concept? Pirate will begin by sharing examples of portraits and self-portraits by famous artists to begin the session. Guided by the self love principles in Please Be You, children will choose their favourite letter (e.g F for Fearless, A for Awesome) and explore what that means for them. Then, they will draw a portrait of themselves that they feel best represents them and this quality while supported by Pirate.

Let’s explore self-expression through self-love, and create a memorable picture as a celebration of being uniquely you.


「我們都是獨一無二的。」你會如何將這個概念融入你的自畫像呢? Pirate會先分享一些著名藝術家的自畫像及肖像畫。根據Please Be You閱書會的自愛原則,參加者會選擇自己最喜愛的英文字母(例如F代表Fearless無畏,A代表Awesome了不起) ,再探討該字母對自身的意義。之後,他們會在Pirate的指導下創作一幅最能代表自己的自畫像。



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Pirate is a British born illustrator. She has worked with a wide range of premium fashion and lifestyle brands, and has illustrated a range of children’s books that each foster a message of positivity for children.