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November 07, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Drama x Fiction 戲劇與小說

Chinese-Canadian author Xue Yiwei’s 2014 novel The Empty Nest is one of the most influential Chinese novels of recent years and considered by many critics to be more drama than fiction. Today he explores the intersection between theatre and fiction with Chinese playwright, director, and short story writer Chen Si’an. Moderated by Australian translator, essayist, novelist and sinologist, Linda Jaivin. In MANDARIN, and available 24 hours later with ENGLISH subtitles. Click here to watch for FREE.

This event is supported by the Consulate General of Canada.

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加拿大華裔作家薛憶溈於2014年出版的力作《空巢》是近年最有影響力的中國小說之一,評論家更評論與其稱之為小說,更像是一部戲劇。今日,他將與中國劇作家,導演和短篇小說家陳思安談論劇場與小說的相似相異。 Linda Jaivin將擔任節目主持人。節目以普通話進行,英文字幕將於24小時後提供在線上觀看。按此免費觀看。




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CHEN Si’an is a playwright, theatre director, poet, short story writer, and literary translator.

Xue Yiwei receives his BSc in Computer, his MA in Literature, and his PhD in Linguistics.

Linda Jaivin is the internationally published author of twelve fiction and non-fiction titles. A graduate of Brown University in Asian History, she is a prolific essayist and cultural commentator, and a literary translator (from Chinese) specializing in film subtitles. Her latest book is The Shortest History of China.