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November 14, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
JC Cube, Tai Kwun

Designing a Life 寫作生命

Scholar and designer Kai-yin Lo looks back on her career as an ambassador for cross-cultural exchange in art, design and thought in her memoir, Designing a Life: A Cross-Cultural Journey. She talks about building a career in design, and incorporating it into all aspects of life. With moderator and SCMP Design Editor Charmaine Chan, who will also discuss Courtyard Living: Contemporary Houses of the Asia-Pacific, her own country-hopping study of enduring home design. In ENGLISH. 

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學者兼設計師羅啟妍於回憶錄《設計人生, 誇文化之旅》回顧她作為跨文化交流大使在藝術、設計和思想上的生涯路程。《南華早報》設計編輯Charmaine Chan亦會參與是次分享, 介紹她的新書《Courtyard Living: Contemporary Houses of the Asia Pacific》,與羅啟妍一同暢談有關設計生涯的發展規劃,以及如何融合設計和生活。節目以英語進行。


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Charmaine Chan started her journalism career in Sydney and has since worked at newspapers and magazines in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Kai-Yin Lo from Hong Kong is one of the Asia’s first international brands.