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November 09, 2019
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
HKU Black Box

Creative Writing Workshop - Page Richards 創意寫作工作坊

Creative Writing Workshop — Page Richards
Page Richards 創意寫作工作坊
Co-presented with the HKU MFA Programme, join Page Richards, Professor and Chair of Interdisciplinary Theatre and Creative Writing at The University of Hong Kong for a creative writing workshop.

In this Creative Writing Workshop, you are a designer. As Maya Angelou puts it, The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart. This takes care, and, more, it asks extraordinary and new knowledge of yourself, more than you knew you were already carrying! In this Workshop, therefore, you are briefly studying exquisite craft of self-invention in Creative Writing, as well as treasuring your initial vision. You will become increasingly aware of making something, and discovering the decisions that the creative writer and fellow artists encounter, as they go. You will be joining with fellow writers and readers, exploring your original work, and looking ahead to sending it out fo wider audiences.

本工作坊與香港大學藝術碩士課程合辦,並由香港大學戲劇及創意寫作教授 Page Richards 主講。

在此節目中,你將會化身設計師。著名詩人Maya Angelou曾云:「想法就是要把它寫下來讓人們聽見,讓你的一字一句在他們的腦海迴盪,然後直抵心房。」而要達到這個目標,需要的不只是對世事的關懷,更要令人驚奇且新穎的知識——甚至新到能突破你的認知界限。因此,透過這次工作坊,你將會掌握創作的藝術技巧,並學會珍視並善用你最初的靈感。你將發現你越來越關注某一件事物,且開始面對每位創意寫作家與藝術家在創作時均須面對的抉擇。工作坊讓你與一眾作家和讀者共聚一堂,一同探究大家的原創作品,並一同期待把作品傳播到更廣的讀者群。

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Page Richards, Chair of Interdisciplinary Theatre and Creative Writing at HKU, received her Ph.D. from Harvard University and MFA from Boston University.