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May 08, 2021
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
7/F, Bohemian Garden, K11 Musea

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Chase Your Dreams with Joanne Li | 追求夢想與Joanne Li

Chase Your Dreams with Joanne Li | Chase Your Dreams 與Joanne Li 

Learning the alphabet is a universal childhood experience, but this is an ABC book with a difference…wouldn’t it be great if instead of teaching our kids D for Dog, it teaches D for Determined, instead of F for Frog, it teaches F for Fearless …

Setting bigger goals can be a bit scary but only when we step out of our comfort zones, will we experience learning and growth. Joanne will share her publishing journey where perseverance, resilience and believing in her own hopes and dreams helped her achieve her goals.


學習字母是每個人必經的童年階段,但你在這個活動所接觸到的字母書與平常的有所不同,例如D不再代表Dog(狗),而是代表Determined(有決心); F不再代表Frog(青蛙),而是代表Fearless(無懼)…



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Joanne is the Director of Leadership Development at a premium workspace provider, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coach Federation, a corporate trainer and the author of Please Be You. Please Be You was featured as Bookazine’s Top 5 Children’s Book in February 2020 and Kickstarter’s “Project We Love”.

Joanne身兼多職,她是領導力發展總監、國際教練聯盟認可的專業認證教練、企業培訓師及《Please Be You》的作者。《Please Be You》於2020年2月位列Bookazine 「最佳童書」首五位。