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November 08, 2019
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Art & Culture Outreach

Book Swap for Kids - Emmy the Great - Session 1 「童」享喜「閱」:兒童圖書交換(第一節)

With the support of Art & Culture Outreach


As part of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival, Emmy the Great will host two free book-swapping events for parents and children, celebrating children’s literature and the power of reading. Books help little people spark big imaginations, ignite their curiosity and encourage empathy. The book-swaps will take place at the Fringe Club Gallery on November 7th. There are no age restrictions. Just bring a book, and be prepared to leave with another person’s choice. As well as the chance to mingle with other families and talk about books, there will be a storyteller reading aloud to the kids, and a short singalong session at the end. 

為推廣兒童文學和閱讀文化,Emmy the Great將會主持兩場圖書交換活動,歡迎各位家長和小朋友參與。從小培養閱讀習慣,能夠激發無窮創意,並增強同理心。兩場活動分別在11月7日及11月9日於藝穗會陳麗玲畫廊舉行,活動將不設年齡限制,參加者只需帶來一本書與其他參加者交換。除了有機會與其他家庭交流,在場亦有說書人為小朋友講故事,環節結束前亦會有一小節合唱時間。

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Emmy the Great was born in Hong Kong to a Chinese mother and English father.